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all natural dog treats.

We believe food is medicine and this applies to our furry friends as well. We make every dog treat with love and human grade ingredients...if we can't eat them, neither can our dogs.

all natural dog treats

Prioritize Your Pet's Long-Term Health

Give them health-conscious treats from Mountain Paw Bakery

Your furry friend is a member of the family. They were your first kid before your kids came into the picture, so you want to make sure they have a healthy diet to help them remain well and strong. Many store-bought dog treats are chock-full of processed ingredients and chemicals. Instead of settling for subpar packaged foods, turn to Mountain Paw Bakery. We use human-grade ingredients for all of our treats to make sure your pup has healthy, satisfying options.

So, what makes us so PUP-ular?

Health-focused dog treats

CBD dog treats

Custom-made pupcakes

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Celebrate your pup's big day

Whether you're celebrating your pup's birthday or his Gotcha Day, a special occasion deserves a delicious treat. You can order custom pupcakes from Mountain Paw Bakery for your furry friend's big day. They'll jump for joy at the sight of a mouthwatering treat, while you'll be happy knowing it's full of high-quality ingredients.

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Welcome to our mission

At Mountain Paw Bakery, we believe food is medicine, and this applies to our furry friends, too. That's why we make all-natural dog treats from scratch. Every dog treat is made with love and human-grade ingredients. If we can't eat them, neither can our dogs.

Healthy dog treats